So you need a coach! Here’s how to get started

Coaching is one of the top tools workplaces are leveraging to build high performing organizations, collaborative teams and successful leaders. Coaches can also be critical to the success of any change effort.

Key benefits of bringing coaching into your workplace:

  • Every organization’s success depends on the performance of its people. There is no substitute for human performance.
  • Coaching brings the best out of people by sharpening their acquired skills as individuals and enhancing collaboration in teams.
  • Coaching assists in the growth and development of leaders and the leaders of tomorrow and enhances productivity, improves job satisfaction and job longevity.
  • Coaching that focuses on the whole person, including focusing their attention, clearing up limitations and improving communications skills, can make the difference between project stagnation or success.
  • Coaching empowers the individual to decide on the best approach to solve their problems and how to effectively interact with their colleagues and business partners.

Fastest-to-results coaching techniques:

Coaching based on the study of neurolinguistics encompasses the most advanced techniques in the human transformation movement.

NLPgraphicThe guidance and tools focus on empowering people by helping them set achievable outcomes, master communications and behavioral flexibility, and plan for the future. For leadership development, the coaching is geared at modeling excellence. Leaders learn to model the behaviors that have brought success to others so that they, too, achieve their goals and improve their results. Read on to learn about specific outcomes of 1:1 coaching and group coaching.

Gains from 1:1 coaching:

1:1 coaching can be geared to develop managers into leaders, support successful onboarding of new employees in critical positions, and to invest in high potential emerging professionals in their early to mid-careers. Individual coaching is also used to sharpen and enhance key employees’ decision making, communications, interaction, time and goal management and relationship building skills. Coaching clients can also deepen their mindsets of success including increasing motivation, confidence, rapport and trust with others. Individual coaching helps change ineffective behaviors – such as procrastination, overpromising and multitasking, and feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm – which are prevalent in the workplace and lengthen project delivery timelines.

Gains from team and group coaching:

In-person workshops for intact teams, peer groups or cohorts help move many people forward at the same time, growing their self awareness, others’ awareness and motivation for learning and growing together. Here are some examples of coaching workshops for the group level.

Mastering Communications for Team Building

Bringing together small teams for intensive learning on what each individual values in their job, what their motivation and decision-making strategies are, how they process information, and how they know they’ve achieved their goals. The benefits are awareness of how to motivate, retain and build high-performing teams; knowledge of the similarities and differences in the individual strategies we use in our day-to-day work; and learning how to use behavioral flexibility at work to ensure results.

 Focusing on What You Want and Achieving Your Goals

Setting an achievable outcome and learning about the power of focusing on what you want (vs. what you don’t want), understanding that perception is projection, getting rid of procrastination and getting motivated, defining a SMART goal and putting that goal on your future timeline.

Understanding Your Work Style and Creating Rapport with Anyone

Taking a deep dive on how you process information, communicate and make decisions, and learning how to apply that knowledge about yourself to improve every day interactions and get the results you want. Learning how to take active listening to the next level so you have rapport with anyone, and practicing the power of reframing to open your and others’ mind to possibilities and new viewpoints.

Negotiation and Facilitating Agreement

Learning the basics of effective negotiation and how to build, maintain or reestablish agreement. Gain skills by practicing the agreement frame and chunking up to the big picture and down to the details. Gain an understanding of how reframing in general and metaphors can be used to open minds and to ensure that all perspectives are considered in decision-making.

Overcoming Overwhelm and Focusing Attention

Recognizing and letting go of your limiting decisions so you can achieve your goals. Learning how to overcome feelings of stress, anxiety or overwhelm so you can focus again. Setting achievable outcomes and putting a goal on your future timeline.

Contact me at to learn more about what coaching options are right for you personally or for your workplace.

Author: Shannon Crownover

Founder of Story Coach, Writer, Strategist.

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