You think there are natural born leaders? Think again

Anyone can learn to be a leader, and not only that, you can learn to be an extraordinary leader. All that’s required is genuine desire, persistence and a commitment to modeling the behaviors of the best examples out there.

That’s the thesis of the book, Superbosses, by Sidney Finkelstein who says:

Superbosses Possess Skills that Most Bosses Don’t Even Think of Pursuing:

-Geniuses at helping other people accomplish more than they ever thought possible.
-Not “team-building” or “mentoring,” but something much deeper.
-They transform proteges from talented apprentices to stars and superstars in their own right.

The must-have’s for any effective leader of people, both in my own experience of good and bad leaders and in my combined readings of the experts on this topic, are:

  1. Be curious – having an open mind about yourself and others around you, and avoiding making judgements
  2. Be courageous – being willing to take risks and being unafraid
  3. Be a learner – believing there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback and learnings
  4. Be persistent – never giving up on your goals, and if your first strategy didn’t work, finding a new one
  5. Be a giver – when you say you’re going to do something, put your all into it, give it all that you’ve got

To learn more about how to develop extraordinary leader mindsets and behaviors, contact me at

Author: Shannon Crownover

Founder of Story Coach, Writer, Strategist.

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