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I help people to see that change is just a great adventure and to embrace it rather than resist it.

I guide people and organizations to get the clarity they need, to focus on what they want, to be better communicators and to take action that maximizes their potential.

Master Coach in Neurolinguistics: I’m utilizing the fastest-to-results coaching techniques to help people and teams get from where they are to where they want to be. For The Nature Conservancy, I served on the design team for its new people development programs, and I’m coaching senior leaders 1:1 on developing their full potential and teams on maximizing collaboration and high performance.  I’m certified at the Master level in Neurolinguistics and Coaching by the American Board of NLP.

“My coaching session with Shannon gave me a much-needed chance to step away from the day-to-day work and think strategically about my current role and where I envision it going. It’s easy to have a vague career path in your head, but how often do you have to articulate that plan out loud to someone? I could hone in on something I’ve thought about but haven’t put into action, and I was able to break down a huge task to make it all seem much more achievable. I’m now very clear on my next steps in my career!”  – Emerging leader in digital marketing

Organizational Culture and Change Communications: Throughout my career, I’ve successfully led efforts to support organizational evolution – both small and large – and the changes that are needed in people to support them. I have significant executive level change management experience and have supported C-suite leaders for 10 years. As Director of Internal Communications at The Nature Conservancy, I lead personal storytelling workshops and live online events to guide staff through our organization’s most significant evolution in a generation.

“Shannon has been instrumental in helping my team through a fairly significant transition in team structure and reporting. For the more junior staff she has provided important guidance and counsel that has taught them valuable skills to deal with organizational change and retain focus on the job at hand. I personally have benefitted from Shannon’s expertise and in just a few interactions was able to move quickly toward a positive path forward.”   – Nonprofit senior leader and team manager
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Moderating a panel on philanthropy leadership for The Nature Conservancy

Strategic Communications: I have 25 years of experience in strategic communications in the global PR agency and nonprofit worlds. This enables me to learn new industries, cultures, issues and workplaces fast, provides me with a client services’ mindset and allows me to offer strategic messaging guidance in developing what you want to say to anyone who matters.

Women’s Leadership: My deepest experience comes from who I am: a Southern girl who grew up with Molly Ringwald and the BeeGees and was the first of her family to leave North Carolina. After the trials and tribulations of navigating the harried agency world of New York City and later the unknown world of environmentalism in Central Asia, I learned that courage was a decision I could make and that we can do anything that we believe we can do. I’ve spent my career mentoring other women, and now, as a coach, I am guiding women who are at a crossroads in life toward a bright future, be it career, motherhood, relationship, health or life balance.

“I’ve been very impressed with the coaching methods Shannon uses. Even though it was coaching in a career context, she also helped me look at the big picture, in terms of the issues I was facing at work and where they come from (long before I started my career) and also in terms of my whole self. This new perspective is making me a more productive and happy person at work and in life in general.”  – Client experiencing both personal and career transitions

My full professional bio can be found on LinkedIn.

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Change is an adventure

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Change is an adventure

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Change is an adventure

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