Workplace Change

Are you part of an organization, business or project team embarking on small or big transitions on either the what or how you work together? The rapidly changing and increasingly complex and connected world of business demands that people and teams embrace change, get comfortable with ambiguity and become adept at building relationships and interpersonal communications.

“Employees are increasingly driven by engagement and purpose in order to perform optimally and drive innovation and change.” Ignite Alliance, UK/Denmark

I help organizations move forward and people overcome their resistance to change by increasing understanding of the purpose of change and by taking action on the individual beliefs and collective mindsets that hold them back. They then have the keys to unlock their potential and to support the evolution of the organization.

The common challenges of change are seen when leaders fail to get buy in for the change or staff feel anxious and insecure. Sometimes people don’t know what to do to support the organization in times of change, or they know what but not how to implement change. Others don’t believe the evidence for change or they believe that the changes violate their values. Some might be neutral, not totally against but also not excited (stuck); while others may feel like the barriers to change are too high.

When organizations are coached through times of change, top leaders get strategies that help them clearly communicate how their decisions are connected to vision, mission, organization values and the bottomline. People will get the targeted guidance they need to be motivated vs. anxious through change by learning what they have to gain.

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